Material Planner - L11/10 - Chennai

Material Planner - L11/10 - Chennai

Stalwart Management Consulting
2 Nos.
Full Time
3.0 Year(s) To 8.0 Year(s)
0.00 LPA TO 6.00 LPA
Job Description:

Job location : Chennai

Education qualification : Any graduate

Shifts : US Shift    


Overall Purpose of Job


  • Responsible for various activities in SCM – Material Planning and Material Management (Sourcing & Procurement, Order Management, Inventory Control and end to end SCM Process).
  • A Planner facilitates the timely planning of deliveries within a supply chain. They optimize inventory planning to meet service, cost and timeliness objectives. The Planner oversees a variety of different employees and departments within the supply chain to ensure that the overall process runs smoothly.


Manage Production Flow

  • Material planners ensure the steady flow of materials necessary for operating a manufacturing line. Because manufacturers have limited storage space for raw materials, planners make sure there’s adequate supply without over-ordering or wasting resources.

Ensure Product Supply

  • These planners manage the supply of products to customers, making sure there are adequate materials to ensure steady production and product delivery to customers. They monitor materials flow to identify bottlenecks and forecast problems.

Maintain Inventory

  • Material planners observe trends and customer requests to create and maintain inventory schedules. Keeping track of production volume and purchasing expectations helps material planners make sure the right number of products and manufacturing materials is always available.

Track Material Shipments

  • Organizing and scheduling customer deliveries is the material planner’s responsibility. They sometimes also process customer shipment inquiries or complaints and schedule changes or cancellations for shipment orders.

Communication with Other Departments

  • Material planners act as liaisons between manufacturing and other departments. They receive project plans and additional information to determine timelines and necessary materials. They also work to coordinate supplier payments with the accounting department.


  • Assigned and accountable for Material Planning Functional areas of responsibility / deliverables
  • Responding to Inter co specific queries, resolving issues in the daily business activities
  • Expediting & Negotiating with the Suppliers
  • Continuous follow up with suppliers to meet OTD & to avoid overdue deliveries.
  • Seeking advice and escalating issues which are beyond scope of work
  • Co-operation with supervisors & process champions to improve processes & deliver higher quality service
  • To ensure compliance with business policy, contractual requirements & standard procedures
  • Participating in the continuous improvement programme
  • Other duties as stipulated by the supervisors
  • Guiding & training of other team members.
  • Have a good knowledge on Operational maturity framework & the key control metrices.
  • Meeting the daily SLA/KPI Metrics defined for the process to meet client deliverables


Skills required:

  • Good working knowledge on Material Planning in Manufacturing

Strong knowledge in MRP (Material Requirement Planning) & BOM concepts

  • Discuss the Supplier performance and the other Key Performances with the stakeholders
  • Verifying daily demand & Drop-in after MRP run.
  • Maintaining all records of deliverables, OTD, Shortage status.
  • Interacting with suppliers on re-work of parts & alternate solution
  • Expediting with supplier for schedule changes due to demand fluctuations
  • Analyzesdemand&supplydataandhighlightsariskinmaterialavailability.
  • Require analytical skills and should be able to articulate in vendor calls and supplier management.
  • Good knowledge on month end related activities and should be able to guide the team members during crisis.
  • Support the team lead in daily operations and this is not restricted to the process alone.
  • Experience in Product allocation for critical materials for various plant based on the demand
  • and orders
  • Co-ordinate with cross functional teams to ensure OTD to customers demand
  • Handling queries with client through Web-ex call and E-mails
  • Minimum of Engineering Graduate / Post graduate in MBA Logistics &SCM with relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of shipping and receiving– material planners plan and verify incoming and outgoing shipments and fully understand the process of preparing and receiving shipments
  • Knowledge of manufacturing process– managing the supply of materials for manufacturing means material planners are highly skilled in all processes related to the manufacturing their company performs
  • Critical thinking– material planners can think clearly and rationally about every task at hand. They often work independently to review logistics and can analyze situations to solve problems and create solutions
  • Time management– material planners must keep tight schedules and possess the ability to prioritize, schedule, and set and meet manufacturing goals
  • Organization skills– managing a production line requires coordinating multiple parts of the manufacturing process to run smoothly, so material planners must stay organized and keep production flowing at an appropriate pace
  • Communication skills– material planners work within a team and are often the only point of contact between the manufacturing department and suppliers


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